The pictures of this gallery are made, combining the traditional fabric drawing skill of Indonesia and the modern drawing skill of Japan.

The wind of the a path
50cm x 40cm

Spring has come
50cm x 40cm
Recollections of Australia
64cm x 64cm
50cm x 40cm
Spring breeze
50cm x 40c
A blue flower
50cm x 40cm

The swamp in the

moonlit night
90cm x 75cm

Snow like flower
50cm x 40cm
50cm x 40cm
Welcoming flower
50cm x 40cm
Strawberry  grass
80cm x 70cm
Small flowers
35cm x 20cm
30cm x 30cm
The mimosa bloomed
50cm x 40cm

In the yard of that day
90cm x 75cm

Flower vase of Galle
75cm x 75cm

65cm x 50cm
75cm x 60cm
The flower of light
50cm x 40cm
A chrysan themum
75cm x 75cm
This image can see the whole when clicking an image because it is a partial image.
Notic These pictures are sold are only in Japan.

Born in Sapporo city, Hokkaido, Japan.
Graduated from Musashino Fine Arts Junior College,Graphic Design course.(Tokyo)
After graduation, worked  sa a graphic designer in the advertising company for 13 years.
Then canalized into illustration work as free position.

1977 Visited Indonesia for the first time, Since then began to collect batik fabrics and batik pictures.There more than 10 times for 27 years,
1999 Started to learn traditional skill of batik drawing work at Java batik working place located in Bali Island.
Became a member of The Hokkaido Cultural property Team and The Sapporo art Culture International Exchange Division. Got big chance to be delegated to Bali to learn batik work again.
2001 Opened batik class in Sapporo.
2002 Won the prize of The 38th International General Invitation of the Asia Present Age Fine-arts.
2003 Hold on the private exhibition of batik pictures in Sapporo.
2003 Won the prize of The 38th International General Invitation of the Asia Present Age Fine-arts.

Asia Present Age Fine art meetig member.
An [α] member of Hokkaido illustratars.
An instructess in Indonesian batik class of the Sapporo Art Park.

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